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Bedroom  Checking and repair :

1. Lights, Bulbs attached and Wiring is in Good Condition
2. Outlets - Unbroken, Cover Plates  Intact
3. Ceiling Tiles Remove and replace all with water marks and /or warped  
4. Bed Base Intact
5. Drawers in Bedside Table and Bureau Slide well and unbroken
6. Phone works
7. Alarm Clock is programmable and all functions work
8. Table and chairs are intact . All bases and legs are OK
9. Refrigerator works and cools.
10. Carpet is free of stain and in good condition
11. Door locks work.
12. Headboard is intact, good condition
13. Iron works , Ironing board opens, closes
14. TV works, remote control works
15. Screen door slides well
16. The phone book is in bed side table
17. Walls are in good conditions .

Sink area checking and repair:

1. Sink stopper works
2. Mirror is in good condition
3. Tissue holder intact
4. Hair dryer works, attached to the wall
5. Light works, Bulbs are good
6. Faucet handles are in good condition.
7. Trash bin is in room
8. Sink drain drains well, no slow
9. Window screen is in good condition. Window crank is present and functions well.
10. AC works, blows well
11. Heat unit works
12. Luggage rack is in good working condition
13. Light fixture is secure and in good condition
14. GFCI works( Trips, resets)

Bathroom Checking and repair

1. Toilet flushes, is stable and has no leaks.
2. Flush valve is clean
3. Flapper replaced
4. Floor tile is without  cracks and is in good condition
5. Caulking for tub redone all way around
6. Toilet seat is tight
7. Tank and base bolts are tight and in good conditions
8. Shower curtain and rod are in good condition
9. Shower head flows well
10. Shower diverter and mixing valve work well
11. Shower drain works well.
12. Door and privacy lock work and swings well
13.Ceiling tiles are not bowed and/or water spotted
14. Fan works well - not noisy, is clean and lube.
15. Heat bulb works
16. TP holder is attached and is functioning
17. Window screen is intact, window works in and out.

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