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Carpentry Exterior Services

•Aluminum Siding Clean •Aluminum Siding Install •Aluminum Siding Paint •Aluminum Siding Removal •Aluminum Siding Replace •Awning Install - new •Awning Install - replace •Awning Remove
ase molding remove •Bay Window Install New •Bay Window Remove •Bay Window Replace•Bevel Siding Clean •Bevel Siding Finish •Bevel Siding Install •Bevel Siding Paint •Bevel Siding Refinish •Bevel Siding Removal •Bevel Siding Replace •Bevel Siding Seal •Brick Molding (trim)
anopy cover removed •Canopy cover replaced3.Carport InstallCarport / patio cover removedCasing exterior Install Casing exterior Paint/Stain Casing exterior Removal Casing exterior Replace Cedar Siding Clean Cedar Siding Finish Cedar Siding Install Cedar Siding Refinish Cedar Siding Removal Cedar Siding ReplaceCedar Siding Seal Cement Lap Siding Clean Cement Lap Siding Install Cement Lap Siding Paint Cement Lap Siding Removal Cement Lap Siding Replace Chimney cap repairedChimney repair (wood)Columns repair - woodColumns (wood porch-plain)Corrugated/Ribbed Siding Install Corrugated/Ribbed Siding Paint Corrugated/ribbed Siding removal Corrugated/Ribbed Siding Replace
•Deck bench installed Deck bench replaced Deck Built Large (20 X 20)Deck Built Medium (15 X 15)Deck Built Small (10 X 10)Deck flooring removedDeck flooring replaced Deck railing removed Deck railing replaced Deck replace railing sectionDeck steps removedDeck steps replacedDrop Siding clean Drop Siding Install Drop Siding Paint Drop Siding Removal Drop Siding Replace
• Estimate
• Fascia Install • Fascia Paint/Stain • Fascia Removal • Fascia replaced• Fascia Replace • Foundation Vent Install• Foundation Vent Removal• Foundation Vent Replace• Frieze Board Install • Frieze Board Paint/Seal • Frieze Board Removal • Frieze Board Replace
•  G
irder mounted
• Half Log Siding Clean• Half Log Siding Install • Half Log Siding Paint • Half Log Siding Removal • Half Log Siding Replace • Half Log Siding Seal • Hardboard Siding Clean • Hardboard Siding Install • Hardboard Siding Paint • Hardboard Siding Refinish • Hardboard Siding Removal • Hardboard Siding Replace • Hardboard Siding Seal• Joist hangers replaced • Joist replaced
• L
attice installed on side of deck• Lattice Install • Lattice Paint/Stain • Lattice Removal • Lattice Replace • Lattice skirting installed under deck• Ledger board mounted
• M
ailbox post installed• Miscellaneous
• P
atio cover built•Picture Window Install New•Picture Window Remove•Pole Barn Install •Pole Barn Removal •Pole Barn Replace
hutters repaired•Shutters installed•Shutters Paint/Stain•Shutters Removal•Shutters Replace•Siding repaired•Siding replaced•Skylights repair leaking•Sophit Install •sophit Paint/Stain •.Sophit Removal •Sophit Replace •Spa steps replaced•Stair stringer repair•Stair stringer replace - deck•Stairway/Landing (deck) • Stone Veneer Clean • Stone Veneer Install •Stone Veneer Paint • Stone Veneer Removal •Stone Veneer Replace •Stone Veneer Seal •Storm Window Install New•Storm Window Remove•Storm Window replace•Stucco Install •Stucco Paint •Stucco Removal •Stucco Replace
•T&G Siding Clean •T&G Siding finish •T&G Siding Install •T&G Siding Paint •T&G Siding Refinish •T&G siding Removal •T&G Siding Replace •T&G Siding seal
•Vinyl Siding Clean •Vinyl Siding Install •Vinyl Siding Paint •Vinyl Siding Removal •Vinyl Siding Replace
all Sheathing Install •Wall Sheathing Removal •Wall Sheathing Replace •Wood Shingle Siding Install •Wood Shingle Siding Removal •Wood Shingle Siding Replace

Carpentry Interior Services

•Access panel built•Acoustic ceiling tiles new by room residential
aby gate installed•Back-splash, counter-top •Baseboard install - wood, painted•Baseboard molding •Blinds hung in window•Blown Insulation Install •Blown Insulation Remove •Blown Insulation Replace •Brick Molding (trim) Install •Brick Molding (trim) Paint/Stain •Brick Molding (trim) Removal •Brick Molding (trim) Replace
•Cabinet doors replaced•Cabinet Hinges adjusted•Cabinet repair•Cabinets remove•Ceiling paneling (pre-finished)•Ceiling panels (aluminum)•Chair Rail installed•Chair Rail removed•Chair Rail removed and replaced•Closet rod installed•Closet wire shelf install•Counter-top install only (pre-formed)•Counter-top new kitchen•Counter-top removed•Counter-top replace•Cove molding installed new•Cove molding removed•Cove molding replaced•Crown molding installed•Crown molding •Crown Molding removed•Crown molding replaced•Curtains hung
•Fiberglass Insulation Install •Fiberglass Insulation Remove •Fiberglass Insulation Replace •Fireplace Box Install•Fireplace Box Removal•Fireplace Box Replace•Fireplace Damper Install•Fireplace Damper Removal•Fireplace Damper Replace•Fireplace Gas Log Set Install•Fireplace Gas Log Set Removal•Fireplace Gas Log Set Replace•Fireplace Glass Doors Install•Fireplace Glass Doors Removal•Fireplace Glass Doors Replace•Fireplace Hearth Install•Fireplace Hearth Removal•Fireplace Hearth Replace•Fireplace Screen Install•Fireplace Screen Removal•Fireplace Screen Replace•Framing for build out•Framing for duct enclosure•Framing for knee wall•Framing for small closet
and Rail Wall Mounted Install•Hand Rail Wall Mounted Paint •Hand Rail Wall Mounted Refinish•Hand Rail Wall Mounted Remove •Hand Rail Wall Mounted Replace
nsulation Install •Insulation Remove•Insulation Replace
•Kitchen soffit to build• Kitchen soffit to remove• Kitchen soffit to remodel
•Medicine cabinet installed•Metal Stud Wall Install New •Metal Stud Wall Removal •Metal Stud Wall Replace •Microwave installed over counter•Mirror/picture hung on wall•Miscellaneous•Molding Finish/Seal •Molding Install •Molding Paint •Molding Refinish •Molding Removal •Molding Replace
aneling Install •Paneling Paint/Stain •Paneling Refinish •Paneling Removal •Paneling Replace •Peg Board Install •Peg Board Remove •Peg Board Replace•Plaster & Lath Wall Install •Plaster& Lath Wall Remove •Plaster & Lath Wall Replace
•Railings installed horizontal•Railings installed on stairway
Sheetrock (drywall) Install •Sheetrock (drywall) Remove •Sheetrock (drywall) Replace•Shelving Install •Shelving Paint/Stain •Shelving Refinish •Shelving Removal •Shelving Replace •Skylight tubular install new•Stair Rail w/Balusters Install •Stair Rail W/Balusters Paint •Stair Rail W/Balusters Refinish •Stair Rail W/Balusters Replace •Stair Rail with Balusters Removal •Stairs Paint/Stain •Stairs Refinish •Stairs Removal •Stairs Replace •Stair Stringer Install •Stair Stringer Paint/Stain •Stair Stringer Refinish •Stair Stringer Removal •Stair Stringer Replace •Stair treads installed•Suspended ceiling grid and tiles installed•Suspended ceiling grid work•Suspended ceiling tiles installed
&G Beaded Walls Install •T&G Beaded Walls Paint/Stain •T&G Beaded Walls Removal •T&G Beaded Walls Replace •Trim around door•Trim installed - Bathroom
•Valance Board Paint/Stain•Valance Board Refinish•Valance Board Replace•Valance Board installed
ainscoting removed•Wainscoting replaced•Wainscot Install •Wainscot Paint/Stain •Wainscot Refinish •Wainscot Remove •Wainscot Replace •Walk-in Closet wire system install•Wall build out start to finish•Widen Doorway•Windowsill Install•Windowsill Paint/stain•Windowsill Removal•Windowsill Replace•Wood Stove Clean•Wood Stove Install•Wood Stove Paint•Wood Stove Removal•Wood Stove Replace

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