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Bathroom Services :

ath tub, walls, or both remove and replace
•Caulking sink (kitchen or bath) Caulk & seal around tub Cement Board Wall Install Cement Board Wall Remove Cement Board Wall Replace Ceramic Tile Wall Clean/Seal Ceramic Tile Walls Install Ceramic Tile Walls Remove Ceramic Tile Walls Replace Counter top tiled Counter  top tile install
aucet in sink replaced
Granite/Marble Wall Tile Install Granite/Marble Wall Tile Removal Granite/Marble Wall Tile Replace Granite/Marble Wall Tile Seal • Walls Install Greenboard walls Removal Greenboard Walls Replace Grout tile
Hand Dryer, Electric Replace Handicap Grab-Bar Replace
edicine cabinet installed - new Medicine cabinet removed - wall patched Miscellaneous •Pedestal sink installed
Shower door install new Shower Door Repair Shower or tub faucet replaced Shower pan install new / replace Shower removed / replaced Shower rod installed •Sink installed Soap dish installed Soap dispenser install Soap Dispenser Replace
ap in shower/tub replaced Tile repair Toilet guts replaced Toilet paper dispenser installed Toilet Partition Repair Toilet replaced Toilet seat installed Towel bar Towel or grab bars installed Tub Drain Replace Tub enclosure removed/replaced (shower)
anity installed Vanity install new
•Wall tile installed Wax ring replaced


•New installation
• Old Replacement • Repair


•Dampness and Leaks Illumination
• Finishing and Remodeling

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